Industries Served  


GHS professionals recognize the value of cooperation and collaboration in addition to remaining laser focused on the many constraints and challenges that the aviation industry stakeholders face today. As former senior airline management position holders, as well as civil aviation authority regulators, GHS Team Members clearly see the “big picture” and offer cost effective and organizationally acceptable business solutions based upon their own “real-world” experiences from around the world.

Whether focused on those who operate and/or maintain aircraft in commercial, business, or private applications, those who manage large hull value insurance programs, or the many other stakeholders in the aviation industry that we serve, GHS Aviation Group provides integrated risk management solutions that complement rather than conflict with the safety goals of your multiple industry colleagues.

As clearly a “one-stop” auditing, training, and consulting professional service provider, GHS prides itself upon being deeply committed, instantly responsive, culturally sensitive, and fully dedicated to mentoring and/or assisting our clients to reach their full business potential.

Industries GHS Aviation Group Serves

  • Aircraft Maintenance Organizations (AMO)
  • Airlines – Passenger & All Cargo
  • Aviation Industry Trade Associations
  • Civil Aviation Authorities
  • Corporate & Business Aviation
  • Flight Schools
  • Ground Service Providers
  • Insurance Brokers / Underwriters
  • Law Firms
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)
  • Rotary Wing Operators